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1.75" MWD COBRA COLLAR # 3008

Incredibly strong and designed for all work. Our new MWD Cobra Collar is made with all
rated materials and hardware. The webbing is a 1.75" width type 7 Mil Spec Black Web.
It features a quick release cobra buckle with a strength rating of over 2000 lbs. and
a rated v-ring. The web extends under the buckle so not to snag hair when putting
it on your dog. The inner is lined with velcro to secure the loose web once adjusted.
This collar is strong enough for any type of work. Available in several sizes and you
have the option of adding a removable handle or to have one stitched on.

choose size
add removable handle
add stitched on handle

working dog agitation collar

working dog agitation collarworking dog agitation collarworking dog agitation collar

1.75" MWD Cobra Collar # 3008
Sizes: 4 to choose from
15" - 18" neck
17" - 20" neck
18" - 22" neck
19" - 24" neck
Cost: starting from $54.95 USD