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Our Cobra QR (quick release) Tactical Leash is made from rated climbing components using Austri
 Alpins Cobra Buckles (strength rating of over 2000 lbs.) and self locking steel carabiners or choose
a Bolt Snap instead. It is designed to be used in multiple ways. The upper portion has a handle and
loop with the idea of attaching to one of our belts (such as our 1.75" Cobra Riggers Belt) with an
additional carabiner. From here it can be released from the hip with the top portion staying attached
to your belt. The middle portion is stuffed with shock cord taking up slack and absorbing pressure
from the dog when attached to you. The lower portion can be released leaving a 12" Drop Leash still
on the dog. And lastly the top piece can be attached to the lower piece creating a 20" Traffic Leash
for use without the middle shock cord. The overall length is 4' and when stretched is approximately 5'.
 The tubular webbing is 1" width black and has a 4000 lbs. strength rating. You can also choose
a black bolt snap instead of the carabiner. Photo below shows with a bolt snap.

choose style bolt snap or carabiner end
choose 1 or 2 carabiners
choose color

tactical leash with cobra buckle quick release tab

tactical leash with cobra buckle quick release tabtactical leash with cobra buckle quick release tab

Cobra QR Tactical Leash # 2014
Size: 3 lengths from 12" drop - 5' overall
Cost: starting from $79.95 USD