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If you are involved in any aspect of the Working Dog World, you understand the importance of the
equipment you use. When we first started out in 1997 developing our brand, our goal was to produce equipment made to a higher standard. That level of commitment is still our top priority.
Our finished product is how we advertise.


Canine Outfitters The Working Dog Store is a manufacturer of equipment needed for the training
profiles of Professional Working Dogs. Owner Geoff Cave, not only makes the equipment, he
 works it as well. Geoff has been directly involved in Police & Protection Dog training for more
than a decade, handling, training, and decoying. Geoff understands the stresses that will
 be applied to the equipment and what is needed for the safe training of the dogs.


1. Innovative designs

2. Impeccable workmanship

3. Equipment designed for work

4. We make all of our own equipment

5. We source out the very best materials

6. Our equipment will last a very long time

7. We offer many different options that can be added

8. Custom work is available should you need a size adjustment

9. All equipment is made on demand for each order placed so it does not sit on a shelf

10. Geoff's knowledge of the working dog industry is implemented into all of our designs.
We will not try to sell you something you do not need. If you have questions about
what will be the right gear for the job feel free to ask.