Modeled after our Tracking Harness, this Harness has a Handle on the top to grab hold of and the D-ring has been moved to the front so it does not lay on the dogs back. Available in two sizes and several colors. The 1" medium size is adjustable in 4 places, the 3/4" small is adjustable in 3 places.

NEW: Optional Suede Chest Plate for 1" Medium Harness only.



Flyball Harness with optional suede front     Flyball Harness     Flyball Harness


1" Medium Flyball Harness

Size: 1" Medium fits 25 lbs - 65 lbs dog max 30" girth

Cost: Starting from $25.95 USD


3/4" Small Flyball Harness

Size: 3/4" Small fits 15 lbs - 25 lbs dog max 22" girth

Cost: $17.50 USD




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